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Brent R. Stockwell, PhD

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry
Brent R. Stockwell, PhD
We are discovering novel cell death pathways involved in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases using chemical and biological tools. Our approach is to design high-throughput screens in mammalian cells that allow us to test tens of thousands of small organic molecules and small interfering RNAs for their ability to affect cellular phenotypes associated with oncogenic signaling or neurodegeneration. These screens reveal reagents that are used to identify specific proteins and genes that act as the critical regulators of cellular disease pathologies. We define the molecular function of these critical regulators using protein biochemistry, molecular cell biology and chemical synthesis. Ultimately, we define and validate these pathways in mammalian cells and in mouse models.

Departmental Appointments

  • Department of Biological Sciences (Columbia University)


  • Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Lab Projects

  • Elucidating a novel VDAC-mediated cell death pathway that is selectively lethal to tumor cells

  • Discovering novel cell death pathways activated by mutant huntingtin protein in Huntington Disease

  • Expanding the range of druggable target proteins by creating inhibitors of proteins that are currently considered undruggable

  • Synthesizing privileged small molecule libraries for screens and for translational research

  • Synthesizing and using affinity reagents for discovering novel target proteins